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Internet Safety

Parents should try  to do the following five key things;

1.      Start the conversation - Parents start talking with your children about online safety, early in their online life.

2.      Agree limits -Parents can download a family agreement template and learn about the importance of setting limits to online time.

3.      Be informed - It is important for parents to keep themselves informed about the online world, and this video provides some tips for helping parents stay up to date.

4.      How much time was I online today? - Parents can set positive examples regarding online activity to their children through their own online lives.

5.      Parents share and learn  -The support of parent to parent peer support is fantastic, and this video encourages parents to link in with each other to provide that support network.  


To all  parents

I hope you are safe and keeping well during this pandemic.  For all you sign language enthusiasts that are really missing your class and want to keep up with lessons already taught I've given a couple of links below that will help you revise. Enjoy and stay safe.


Basic Phrases in Irish Sign Language 02

Below is a short video lesson teaching basic conversation in Irish Sign Language (ISL) This video covers: Hi, how are you? What's your name?/My name is Where are you from?/I'm from Studying, Learning, ISL, I don't understand. Delivered by Ciara and Jaclyn of the DIT Sign Language Society Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland


Healthy eating on a budget is an initiative whereby a parent and child (10) attend weekly (6-8) cookery demonstrations (1 hr) of healthy meals costing approx. €5 serving 4 people.  The class content will comprise nutrition, hygiene, food shopping, healthy and safe cooking as well as food presentation.  Recipe demonstrations will include lasagne, Thai chicken curry, roast veg, potato wedges, homemade burgers, homemade chicken goujons, Irish stew, shepherd’s pie, fajitas and burritos.