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Library News 2021


Christmas News 2020

What’s happening in the library?

1st, 2nd and 3rd years are finishing up a reading challenge on December 14th, with each class trying to reach 1 million words within one month.

3rd years are edging it at the moment, with close competition from Curie and Taylor. The winning class will have a Firehouse Pizza Party! Spot prizes and awards for effort and achievement will also be given to students in each year.

We had our annual visit in the patio from 9ironsforge, the mobile blacksmith. Patrick saw all 1st years and some students who had missed his visit last year. All students experienced the hypnotic flame of the forge and finished their workshop with a handmade piece of jewellery. Heritage in the heart of the school! The video can be viewed below.

With the guidance counsellor, Ms Maguire, we are promoting the resources of our Wellbeing collection of books recommended by Jigsaw Youth Mental Health. These books cover creativity, relationships, managing anxiety and anger, grief, parenting, social media and all the hot button issues of being a teenager or parent to a teenager. Parents, guardians and students are welcome to borrow and they are also available on the Sora online library, which you can access directly from the virtual library image.

Writer’s club continues twice a month for juniors with CDETB writer-in-residence Debbie Thomas. Debbie Zooms in this year to chat with our writers and encourage the fantastic poetry being produced by this talented bunch!


1 April 2020

Calling all students

Day 1 of #SprINK20, our daily drawing challenge. See the prompts below for each day of April, draw a picture based on the prompt & post to Edmodo library area for me! Great prizes to be won on our return to school.

18 March 2020

Nadine in 6LC is being published in a beautiful, cool, new literary journal! Fierce competition to have a piece accepted and it’s paid too. Nadine has been attending our CDETBSCC We Write What We Like Writer’s Club Workshops for the last few years in the Library.  Sarah entered a few pieces from her Writer's Club members and Nadine prevailed! Congratulations Nadine.  We are all so proud of you.

Here is the Twitter link