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Congratulations Ms. Clonan on her Retirement

Graduation 2020

A huge congratulations to our class of 2020.

To all of our 6th year students, you will be dearly missed.

And here is a special video from your for tutors.
The final Rollcall.

Hello everyone,  Here is a beautiful musical performance put together by Margaret Aylward's Creative Schools' Associate Sharon Carty, our Music Teacher Mr Conway and our 5th Year Student Emily Caffrey.  They came together to perform Stand by Me by Ben E King as a way of wishing everyone well for the summer. We hope you enjoy.


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Calculated Grades Student Portal Before You Start Guide in the links below 

Letter to Students

Calculated Grades Student Portal


Good morning ladies, ‌ We are so excited this morning to be launching our calendar for next week’s Wellbeing Week. Do you want to get active? Perhaps, you want to just chill out or maybe you have some mad skills to share with us. ‌ After a stressful term for everyone we have a gorgeous week of wellness lined up for you all. This includes, cookery lessons with chef extraordinaire, Stephen Ryan, beauty tips from ‘Belleglamm’ beauty blogger, Amy Hutch and even a live Zumba class from ‘Zumba, Dance and Health.’ There are a whole host of other activities that you’ll see if you click into the calendar below. ‌ We look forward to you joining this and sharing lots of videos and photos here. There will be awards for participation and think particularly about what talent you might share with us on ‘Maggie’s got Talent,’ on Wednesday. Have you been creating some fabulous tiktoks, would you like to share your make up artistry skills and I know there are lots of singers and artists out there. Whatever your talent we really look forward to seeing it. ‌ So let’s wind down together next week and have lots of fun.

Wellbeing timetable here

Internet Safety

 Parents should try  to do the following five key things;

1.      Start the conversation - Parents start talking with your children about online safety, early in their online life.

2.      Agree limits -Parents can download a family agreement template and learn about the importance of setting limits to online time.

3.      Be informed - It is important for parents to keep themselves informed about the online world, and this video provides some tips for helping parents stay up to date.

4.      How much time was I online today? - Parents can set positive examples regarding online activity to their children through their own online lives.

5.      Parents share and learn  -The support of parent to parent peer support is fantastic, and this video encourages parents to link in with each other to provide that support network.  


A message from our President 

Presidential Message here

Notice to all parents/Guardians and students of Margaret Aylward Community College.

From Monday 18 May, all lessons, assignments and contacts with teachers and students will be suspended until Monday 25 May. This is throughout the school and for all staff and students. This is to allow exams and assessments to take place as per the Department of Education and Skills guidelines. 

The last week (25 to 29 May) will be a WELLBEING week for staff and students in preparation for the summer break. A plan of activities will be posted on the school website and EDMODO and we hope as many people as possible will engage with it. 

We will see you then. 


S. Dunne (principal)

25th - 29th May

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Wellbeing Week

Coronavirus / Covid-19   Responding to the Crisis

Information to Parents/Guardians regarding Leaving Certificate Calculated Grades

11 May, 2020

Dear Students, Parents and Guardian

We hope you and your loved ones are well and coping as best as you can in these extraordinary times. Understandably, recent weeks have been very challenging, particularly students in school.

Important information for Leaving Certificate Calculated Grades

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) made the decision to postpone the Leaving Certificate examinations scheduled to commence on 29 July 2020 and to offer students a system of Calculated Grades. All students will be given the option to receive a State Certificate of Calculated Grades in each subject. It will have the same status as the Leaving Certificates awarded to students in previous years. Students will also have the opportunity to sit the conventional Leaving Certificate examination if they wish at the earliest safe and practical time.

Calculated Grades will be generated using a systematic statistical model. It will combine estimates of a student’s expected performance with the school’s statistical profiles of achievement in a subject and level, in line with national performance standards over time.

The first source of data will be provided by the subject teacher. It will then be moderated with teachers in the school, by consulting on the results, before the Principal reviews the process. This is to assure the fair treatment of students. The school will then send the data to the DES. There will be strong oversight and control and a number of inherent quality assurance measures to ensure students receive as fair a result as possible.

We are asking all students and parents/guardians to refrain from contacting teachers to discuss, query or suggest any reference to subject percentages. We appreciate your cooperation with this request. The school needs time to appraise itself fully with the arrangements that have been announced and further clarifications are required. A guide to calculated grades for Leaving Certificate students 2020 is available at

In line with recent developments, Leaving Certificate classes will be suspended on 10 and 11 May. Our staff are also looking at end of year arrangements with a view to holding a virtual graduation and a series of other options in marking the end of post-primary school and we look forward to sharing these details with you in due course. We will contact you soon again with additional information and further clarification as we receive it.


Sinéad Dunne   (Principal, Margaret Aylward Community College

Coronavirus / Covid-19   Responding to the Crisis 

Communication to Parents/Guardians regarding Junior Certificate

Date: I May 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians

We hope you and your loved ones are well and coping as best as you can in these extraordinary times. Understandably, recent weeks have been very challenging, particularly students in Third Year and Sixth Year.  

Important information for Third Year Students - Junior Certificate 2020 

The Minister for Education and Skills announced on 10 April 2020 to cancel the Junior Certificate examinations due to take place in June 2020. He announced on the 29th of April 2020 that each students’ certification will involve two elements:  

1.     A State Certificate of completion of Junior Cycle from the Department of Education and Skills. Students should receive a State Certification that they have completed three years of Junior Cycle education. This cert will be provided by the Department of Education and Skills in the Autumn of 2020.  

2.     A School Report setting out the learning achievements of students in Junior Cycle. Students should receive a written report on the broad range of learning that they have achieved in each subject or short course at the end of Junior Cycle. Schools will have autonomy on this assessment of their learning (provided by their teachers) and the format of the report.  

CDETB School Principals, the Chief Executive (Carol Hanney) and the Director of Schools (Paul Crone) have decided that in the interests of student welfare, examinations in September would be avoided. School based assessment will be conducted (as per the Ministers guidelines) by the 29th May 2020. This will also allow for minimal disruption to the beginning of the new school year in autumn. 


The plan for the assessment of your child is given below. It recognises previous work including assignments, tasks, projects, presentations; engagement with teachers; and school designed exams to determine grades for the school report and are outlined below. 

Each student’s engagement and participation up until 29 May 2020 will inform the final grade in each subject appearing in the report. 




Marking Scheme 

Success Criteria 

CBA & class work  


Sept 2019-March 2020 


Subject Department  

Edmodo Online Tasks  

Best 10 assignments submission 

16th March 2020 – 24th May  


Subject Department 

Final JC assessment: Exams 

Teacher Assessment 

1hour per subject  

7 subjects  

Practical subjects HE, Science & Art  

18th May – 22nd May 


Modified version of SEC exam paper 


Existing work 

Third Year exam schedule 






Monday 18th May 




Tuesday 19th May 




Wednesday 20th May 




Thursday 21st May 




Friday 22nd May 




School report to students - will be provided as soon as possible after the 29th of May. 

Students and their parents/guardians will receive a written report of the assessment of the student’s learning in each subject. This report will include the provision of grades or descriptors. It may also detail separately the descriptors awarded to classroom-based assessments (CBAs) where appropriate and detail other aspects of other achievements completed by students. 

The staff of Margaret Aylward Community College wish the third years the very best of luck in their exams. 

Take care and stay safe, 


Sinéad Dunne 


Margaret Aylward Community College 



23 April 2020

To all students,

We would like to welcome you back from your Easter holidays. We hope you are all safe and happy. The staff are delighted with the work submitted on Edmodo and the wonderfully positive interactions when dropping off the food parcels. We would encourage you to do your best, keep active, and engaged in Edmodo for the last few weeks of this most unusual school year.

The end-of-year school assessments and reports will take place as usual. Every piece of work set by your teachers will contribute to your end-of-year assessments. We also enjoy sending out prizes in the post to students who have made the greatest efforts in their school work. If you have any difficulties, you can ask your teacher on the Edmodo site, or ring Ms McCaul at 0864173968.

As the school logo states, we are ‘facing the future’ together.

Take care and stay safe,

S. Dunne and all the Margaret Aylward Community College staff.   

20 April 2020


The BREATHE European Project, is being done by DCU, on ethnic diversity, school climate, bullying and well-being.

The links to the questionnaires for both teachers and students are below.  If you have any difficulties or queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact DCU - 01 884 2305.  

  • the link for post-primary school teachers is here:

  • the link for post-primary school students is here:


If you wish to propose any amendments, please email

Click here for Admissions Policy

17th April 2020

Taking Care of our Families during COVID-19

Click on the link below

CAMHS Newsletter

2 April 2020

Barnardos are providing a support line for parents. The number is 1800910123 and this service is available to parents from 10 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday.

1 April 2020

Calling all students

Day 1 of #SprINK20, our daily drawing challenge. See the prompts below for each day of April, draw a picture based on the prompt & post to Edmodo library area for me! Great prizes to be won on our return to school.

28 March 2020








23 March 2020

The BREATHE European Project, being done by DCU, on ethnic diversity, school climate, bullying and well-being.

The links to the questionnaires for both teachers and students are below.  If you have any difficulties or queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact DCU - 01 884 2305.  

  • the link for post-primary school teachers is here:

  • the link for post-primary school students is here:

20 March 2020

Margaret Aylward Community college is now closed to all except by appointment.

Thank you

Sinead Dunne (Principal)

19 March 2020

Dear Colleagues

Please see Department of Education website regarding the cancellation of Orals and Practicals and the postponement of projects.

Thank you


18 March 2020


Some good news.  Nadine in 6LC is being published in a beautiful, cool, new literary journal! Fierce competition to have a piece accepted and it’s paid too. Nadine has been attending our CDETBSCC We Write What We Like Writer’s Club Workshops for the last few years in the Library. Sarah entered a few pieces from her Writer's Club members and Nadine prevailed! Congratulations Nadine.  We are all so proud of you.

Here is the Twitter link

Well Done - JUNK COUTURE 2020

Two amazing teams from Margaret Aylward CC made it to the Regional Finals of Junkkouture. Over 80 teams took part in the regional finals and we were thrilled when one of our teams was selected to go through to the Grand Final in the 3 Arena on 30th April 2020

We hope that you can all join us for this fantastic show.This project would not have happened without the amazing support of Ms Boon, WorldWise Global Schools, and the amazing pupils at Margaret Aylward Community College.  A big thanks to all!!!!


Thanks to everyone who attended our Open Evening in September to celebrate our 50th anniversary.  It was lovely to see so many people.  

Junior Certificate Results 2020

Congratulations and well done to our Junior Certificate students who received their results recently.  All the hard work by students and teachers was rewarded.


Leaving Certificate Results 2020

Congratulations and well done to this years Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied students who received their results recently.   We wish you well in your chosen area of study for September


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School Partnerships

Margaret Aylward CC has fostered strong links with Eirgrid in recent years.  Eirgrid are our partner school through the Business in the Community Programme. Our 5LCA class participate in the Skills@Work programme.                                               


In addition to a School Bus Service our school is very accessible using the Dublin Bus service.   Click on the icon below for full details.